“If you could only choose one room in your home to put your heart and soul into designing, the living room would be the top of the list. It’s that treasure (and often off limits) space that sets the tone for your entire interior style”.

Teasel Fabrics and Interiors in Tunbridge Wells, offer five basic tips for living room design.

Colourful playing

The secret to taming a bright colour?  Consider balancing it with pops of white. A smattering of dove white wall accents, a white piece of furniture to keep that bold colour in check.

Having fun with patterns

Florals, stripes and plaids, plains and solids in fabrics.  The trick to mixing patterns is to pick a colour theme, blues, greens and reds, and to use a big swaths of solid colour to anchor the space. A stripe in a blind, matched beautifully with textured soft furnishings.

Light and Airy

You can pack a lot into a space, especially our living room. Try and stop filling your space with so much furniture. Consider lucite dining chairs, an open-weave coffee table, and an unobstructed wall of windows keeps this room from feeling cramped.

Update your living room

Update your living room like your wardrobe, with a few new accessories each season. A natural room is easy canvas for a few pops of colour and pattern, colourful throw,  textured cushions, metallic side table. Indulge in that piece of designer furniture.


Swathe one wall in a stunning wallpaper to warm your space. Choose a design that picks up other colours in the room.