There has been a real move towards the use of geometric and quilt-like patterns for  fabrics and wallpapers. Whether stark black and white or in full spectrum of colours, texture and patterns are certainly taking centre stage this year.

2016 has been a year of nostalgia in the design industry. We have noticed a return of traditional layouts, prints and materials, with designers returning to the archives and producing a modern and fresh twist on their very traditional fabrics. From vintage China patterns to tailored design, what was old is new again.

At the beginning of the year we saw big bold floral prints, with honoured bouquets to bold leaf patterns, floral prints have dominated this years seasons, in both fabrics and wallpapers.  In past years, we have seen a hint of copper and rose gold trend but metalics have played a huge part in design this year.

Tailored design, with an emphasis on symmetry and balance is the key look we are seeing in people homes, restaurants, bars and hotels. The mix of soft, warm toned metals, create the most glorious, uncontrived elegance and gives an exciting edge to pretty much any scheme.

In recent months, we have see an increase in electric interiors that show a willingness to make bolder statements with pattern and texture. We have moved away from the simple colour and single print combination, and instead favour a contrasting mix of paisleys, geometrics, floral and strips, all incorporated under one scheme. However, our soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs and accent chairs have become more daring, and against a plain block colour wall, it’s right on-trend to create the perfect look.

With social media making a influence on our interior design decisions, people see beautifully curated room in the palm of their hands.  Teasel Fabrics and Interiors are excited at the new trends coming through for 2017, we predicate a trend of flirting with simplicity, natural materials, uncluttered spaces, handmade objects.