The Charles and Ray Eames LCW is an iconic 20th century design that has shown incredible staying power, looking just as contemporary now as it did when they were first designed.

Homeowners these days are purchasing investment pieces for their interiors that will look just as good in years to come, and even three centuries ago, buying everything from 18th century French classics to mid-century modern masterpieces.

Why are people investigating in these key pieces? They ooze style, artistic vision, high quality, long-lasting materials, innovation and skilled craftsmanship.

The top end furniture truly doesn’t lose value; unique pieces, first editions, special editions or very small series. Whilst these key pieces are not cheap, they will certainly last you a lifetime and more.

Spending money on such beautiful worthy furniture, whether vintage or contemporary is seen as an investment because the designs will continue to stay relevant for years to come.

Charles and Ray Eames DSR chair was an icon 1950’s design, they are now valued at £800 due to limited availability, where as a reproduced model retails for £200.  Vintage pieces are in high demand; however reproduced collectives’ prices remain generally the same.