On Thursday the 8th of September the Teasel Team were invited to an exclusive drinks and canapés evening at One Warwick Park with the local artist Melanie Berman. Everybody who attended the event were in complete awe of the beautiful paintings and couldn’t wait to speak the artist herself to find out the story behind her art.

The event was held in the hotels underground gallery where the artwork dressed the area beautifully and really bought it to life. We were lucky enough to have a great chit chat with Melanie and afterwards; while everybody was sipping on champagne; she spoke about her work, how she creates it and what inspires her.

Berman applies and the scrapes away layers of the paint which allows her to build and deconstruct images with lines, shapes and sometimes even letters which are scratched into canvas. Melanie explained that the result is a style of painting that creates feelings of motion, texture and space and draws directly on her lifelong experience of dyslexia.

Melanie’s large scale paintings, landscapes dissolve from the recognisable into blurred, abstract suggestions of memory.

The colour palette that Melanie uses is second to none; it is vibrant, fresh and so eye-catching that you cannot just walk past the painting!

If you would like to take a look at Melanie’s work her website is www.melanieberman.com