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  • P1-B_run-chair
  • P2-filo-conference-table-02
This dynamic, architectural and Ergonomic chairs by Bene adjusts to the user in every way using intelligent technology. It comes in many different variations.
  • P1-Alexander-Dining-Table-angle
  • P2-furniture_sofas_armstrong_leather_sofa
An industrial style dining table with a wooden base and clear glass top from Andrew Martin.
  • P1-donald_sofa_westbourne_angle
  • P2-reed-coffee-table
A beautiful slick grey sofa from Andrew Martin with stud detail. Can be upholstered in fabric or leather.
  • P1-pimlico-bench
  • P2-sargent-chair
A beautiful hardwood under-framed stool with contrasting simple piping from Robert Langford.
  • P1-esmerelda-chair-and-stool-1
  • P2-pyrimid-dining-
This gorgeous occasional chair with stool from Robert Langford. Solid beech legs can be polished to one of four colours, Ebony, Wenge, Fruitwood or medium oak.
  • P1-al-conference-table
  • P2-timba-stool
Bene's all exclusive office range. This range is all about reducing everything down to the essentials. The range inspires with its exclusive materials, extraordinary details, high-quality workmanship and sophisticated finish.
  • P1-Bla-Station-Oppo-chair
  • P2-spiegels-amorph-workstation
Beautifully sculptured seat in a range of different colours and sizes, from Bene.
  • P1-Cecile-Dining-Chair
  • P2-andrew_martin_furniture_side_tables__0037_S—Letter-Side-Table-Detail
Beautiful contemporary upholstered wooden dining chair from Andrew Martin.